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SMC Design Studio can take care of all aspects of the design, from developing a concept to producing fully detailed and engineered drawings for a building consent submission.

SMC team can take into account all provisions of the Building Code, including fire and civil design, as well as town planning requirements and geotechnical conditions. 

As a result, the amount of issues that can delay consent at different stages is minimised, which in turn speeds up the process. 

No engineering or design or construction problem will remain unresolved if your project is run by SMC Design Studio.


Conceptual design usually is ready within 2-3 weeks from contract signing.

When there is more than one unit, resource consent will be required (urban design), even if all other aspects are permitted activity.

Resource consent submission – within 3 weeks from confirming the concept (we need the site survey done before we can submit).

Detailed architectural design for building consent submission, including fire and acoustics. There are specific acoustic requirements for external walls depending on the distance from the dwelling to the road.

Building consent submission required 6-8 weeks from when we get positive feedback from the town planners (meaning no changes to the concept at the resource consent stage). We need the Geotech report done at least two weeks before planned submission.

Resource consents require time and depend on how busy the council is.

The council comes back with their feedback within two weeks from submission.

It may take another 2-3 weeks to get things finalised especially if there are multiple issues.

Building consents may require quite a bit of time depending on the market situation and time of the year.

Current processing times are between 40-50 working days.

This is when we get a list of queries from the council.

In other words, allow for up to 2.5-3 months for the building consent issuance from the date of submission.

Engineering design includes TC3 foundations, steel beams if required etc


Communication is key to a smooth design and build process. Our customers give us their highest appreciation for our responsiveness to their demands and requests, be it a pre-purchase consultation, design process issues, consenting challenges or construction monitoring.
Never ever had we walked away from any problem, always facing it in a timely and professional manner and always finding a solution.
We try to respond to calls and emails even in the most challenging circumstances.

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