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SMC Design Studio specialises in the design of medium-scale, mixed use developments. We deliver high quality, value-for-money architectural solutions that are thoroughly detailed, sustainable and practical for the client and end user.

Whether you are building a dream home, an investment property, a factory or a restaurant, we will step in your shoes first to fully understand your aims, vision, functional requirements and budget. This first step is paramount if we want to create architectural forms that are functional, sustainable, and expressive, while meeting your budget and aesthetic requirements.


Town Planning Advice

With a highly regulated town planning environment, it is vital to know the limits of your land before you purchased it.

Whether you are looking to buy a small city section to build a house, or a few acres to establish a factory, please come and talk to us about what you can and cannot do on your site of interest.

Normally, we would be able to provide you with no-obligation advice and a sketch scheme plan within 48 hours.

Conceptual Design

What do you do? How big is your family?
Are you introverted? Who are your customers?
What size trucks do you deliver?

Prepare to answer this kind of question when first discussing your project with us. Stepping in your shoes and looking at the design challenge from your perspective is vital for us to create a concept design that is right for you.

Quick sketches, diagrams, 3d visuals and even paper models will help us communicate ideas and share vision.

Bold Structural Solutions

With most our architectural designers having engineering background, we know very well how to make a building to withstand the test of time.

Being able to immediately see a possible structural solution beyond a most vague architectural sketch, gives us a unique opportunity to offer bold architectural forms that are backed by strong engineering expertise .

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Fully Detailed Design

Our experienced architectural and structural draughting team is proud of their work.

Fully detailed coloured drawings with 3d diagrams of the most difficult junctions are our trademark; needless to say, a well detailed project means faster work on a building site.

Consenting (Building, Resource)

Most people would panic when facing even the first page of a building consent application.

We do it every day. Buildings and resource consents, engineering approvals, NZTA permits, electrical networks clearances and assessments for all the above - let us do it for you.

Energy Efficiency, Passive House

Relatively new, the 'Passive House' term became quickly overused and even lost its meaning.

For many people, Passive House simply means an increased amount of insulation. It is not that simple. A truly Passive design should feature high thermal wall mass, carefully oriented fenestration, effective shading devices, natural and mechanical ventilation and only then, the increased insulation.

Combined with energy-efficient heating solutions, such a house will be delightful to be in.

3D Presentational Renders

Do you need a render of your latest design project? We can help you!

We have a range of options to suit your needs and budget. We create architectural presentation renders of the highest quality.

Our customers love our work, and we guarantee you'll love it too!

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Unique Stairs

Some believe that a stair is just a utility.

For others, it is even a nuisance. But we elevate a stair to a podium. We celebrate it. We design a house around it.

You will be proud of your stair, and you will be tempted to use it again and again (and keep fit in the process).

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Interior Design

We offer limited interior design services as part of the house design package.

Colour schemes, feature walls and ceilings, selection of furniture, design of kitchens, walk-in-wardrobes and other joinery, accompanied with high quality interior renders for discussion and presentation purposes.

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From the very beginning, every project is approached from a holistic perspective.