SMC Design Studio


Many people share our love of stairs and want to make their stair a feature. What they often do not realise is that most of the inspirational designer stairs we can find on Pinterest wouldn´t be compliant with our national building standards and simply cannot legally exist in this country. 

We at SMC Design combine our knowledge of the building code and structural design requirements with an unmatched creativity when we talk stair language.

Let us make your stair a star of your house!

Stairs for any buildings

Whether you need a stair for a house, an office or institutional building, we are here to take the challenge. We will put your stair in context of your building and its occupants, we will play with different materials, forms and themes, while respecting legal requirements and maximising the functionality of space.


Balustrade is an important and integral part of any open stair and also a subject to strict building code requirements. Often, it is a balustrade that gives a stair its character, beauty and makes it sing. We always design stairs and balustrades together, treating them as an inseparable whole. A great stair is a marriage made in heaven between the steps and balustrade.

Safety First

Naturally, stairs are a hazard to be treated with respect to avoid tripping and falling down. Fortunately, in New Zealand we have strict regulations that define main parameters of stair design to minimize risks of fall and injury. Unfortunately though, it also makes many beautiful designs impossible to use in our country. If you like a particular Pinterest stair, we can try to make it code compliant for you.

Be Inspired by These Designs

Stairs are one of the most widespread and important architectural elements known to mankind.