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We know that every person who embraces a new development has a purpose and a vision. We welcome developers, builders, and aspiring individuals, who want to create more functional and beautiful architecture in this world.

SMC is a design studio that focuses on creating spaces that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our team believes that sustainable design is the future of our industry. And it all starts from a concept. We can help you to get it right!

Learn more about what we do at SMC Design Studio and how we can help you with your next project. 

If you want to discuss your new concept reach out to us today because we have the experience and expertise, architectural and engineering knowledge and creativity to help you out.

Understanding Your Goals

Whether you want us to design your dream home, office building or sports venue, you will need to share with us a lot of information about yourself, your business and your goals.

A road to successful design starts from acquiring sufficient knowledge about the proposed building use, its future occupants and their functional and spacious requirements.

So, expect to share many things about you when first meeting an architect.

Assessing the Site Conditions

Each site is unique and needs to be treated with respect. Visiting the site and assessing its conditions is a vital step towards delightful and useful architecture.

Understanding site constraints, such as topography, access, orientation, prevailing winds, views, neighbours, historic context, geology, hydrology, vegetation and climate determines the envelope of the future building.

At SMC, we love this part of the job, as it brings us joy of an explorer and the satisfaction of a researcher.

Share your vision

We love to learn your ideas about your future building. Whether you have a concrete vision or just a vague idea of your project, whether you are a design professional or have just attempted your first amateurish design, do not hesitate to share your vision and ideas.

You won't be judged or laughed at.

We will happily help to shape your imagination to create the product you will love.

Sketch design

Sometimes, first sketches promptly turn into a sensible design. Sometimes, though, the ideas take longer to brew, slowly absorbing background information, checking and refusing different approaches and precedents, and crystallizing solutions.

Sometimes, one simply needs time for procrastination awaiting for the inspiration to fill the air.

Then, all pieces of the puzzle come together, and sketch design is shared with the client for further discussion and refinement.

Developed Concept

Occasionally, it takes just one approach to find the solution. More often, it takes a few iterations of refining the sketch design to develop the concept. Sometimes, we have to through everything in a bin and start anew.

This is absolutely normal. This is what design is about, and our client is always part of this process.

We use hand sketches, diagrams, quick 3d CAD visuals, paper and wood models, sketches in context, and walk-through video clips to communicate ideas and share vision.

Finalising the plans

Normally, our final set of concept plans is sufficiently detailed for town planning checks or resource consent application.

It can also be used for high level cost estimation, as all major aspects of design such as structural system and fire design are already indicated on the plans.

Finally, presentational quality renders can be produced at this stage for marketing or other purposes.

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From the very beginning, every project is approached from a holistic perspective.