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In New Zealand, most are blessed with living on their own plot of land, meaning that our personal space extends beyond the walls of our houses and reaches the outdoor, whether it is a small backyard behind a townhouse, or a decent-size garden in suburbia or a quarter of an acre of bush sloping down to a beach. 

In all cases, a great indoor-outdoor flow requires careful consideration of the landscaping design, including contouring the land, retaining walls, decks, swimming pools, fish ponds, pergolas, gazebos, footpaths, outdoor furniture and, of course, suitable planting and lawns. We have sufficient experience and vision for turning any outdoor space around your house, existing or future, in your own little paradise!   

A well-designed landscape adds value to any property and is a beautiful and pleasant addition to any home.

Landscaping Architecture has economic, environmental, health and social benefits.

Professional landscaping helps to immediately increase the aesthetic appeal and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for your home, which also increases the overall value of the property.

Good landscaping can reduce soil erosion, suppress weeds, conserve water, and lessen the risk of bushfires.

In many cases, landscaping design is required by councils for erosion control, protection of waterways and enhancing of amenity.

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From the very beginning, every project is approached from a holistic perspective.