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The world is full of innovation including building materials and supplies. SMC Design Studio is a team that brings international expertise to Canterbury and New Zealand.

Naturally, we follow international trends and pick some of the most innovative and interesting building solutions for New Zealand. All our solutions are certified for New Zealand use and offer unique opportunities for forward-thinking developers to present world innovation in our own backyard.

Consenting (Building, resource)

At SMC Design Studio, we build design, consent and resource management strategies to deliver outstanding architecture and urban design outcomes. We create unique visions, deliver infrastructure and implement innovative urban design strategies.
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Presentational Renders

Do you need a render of your latest design project? We can help you! We have a range of options to suit your needs and budget. We create architectural presentation renders of the highest quality. Our customers love our work, and we guarantee you'll love it too!
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Energy Efficiency, Passive House

Passive House Architecture is a new way of building that creates a better quality of life. It's more energy efficient, healthier, and more comfortable. We are a sustainable design firm. Our goal is to create a building that is sensitive to natural resources and the environment. Learn more about what Passive House does here.

Out team is skilled in a wide variety of residential architecture services, including hillside houses.

We use technology to make the design process simple while leveraging our experience to ensure you get a truly special Hillside House Design.

New Zealand hillside landscape present a unique set of architectural challenges. Our engineering knowledge helps us to design aesthetic and functional hillside design that can withstand test of times.

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There is an undeniable value in having architectural and engineering skills combined

in one firm so that we can offer a better holistic approach for your project.