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Houses can be made safer and less likely to suffer damage during an earthquake just by ensuring that they are optimally anchored atop their concrete foundations.

This is a process known as seismic retrofitting and it’s done by cutting through a structure’s walls and then inserting steel girders into the concrete or mortar which is then poured back in to fill any gaps created after the cuttings were made.

By strengthening existing structures with this method, building owners and homeowners can save themselves thousands of dollars in future damages on top of living in much safer houses.

Retrofitting existing buildings can be an excellent way to help maximize the utility of spaces and make a building more comfortable for people to work in. Retrofitting outdoor lighting in areas where there is already adequate lighting can be especially helpful as it reduces energy usage.

Buildings constructed in the “old days” weren’t built with longevity or sustainability in mind. These buildings can be wonderful learning opportunities for innovative solutions to common issues owing to their age. Buildings that are structures from long ago might have aging, outdated systems or could use a little bit of TLC if they have been neglected.

As we walk through it, look around we think about how we could help you make your mark on retrofits that would not only help out all of the building’s inhabitants but would also last far beyond your time here.

Consenting (Building, resource)

At SMC Design Studio, we build design, consent and resource management strategies to deliver outstanding architecture and urban design outcomes. We create unique visions, deliver infrastructure and implement innovative urban design strategies.
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Presentational Renders

Do you need a render of your latest design project? We can help you! We have a range of options to suit your needs and budget. We create architectural presentation renders of the highest quality. Our customers love our work, and we guarantee you'll love it too!
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Energy Efficiency, Passive House

Passive House Architecture is a new way of building that creates a better quality of life. It's more energy efficient, healthier, and more comfortable. We are a sustainable design firm. Our goal is to create a building that is sensitive to natural resources and the environment. Learn more about what Passive House does here.

Retrofitting an existing building is not only a cost-saving measure but can also have positive effects on your business.

Seismic retrofitting requires in-depth knowledge and creative thinking to create maximum value for each project.

When retrofitting existing buildings, substantial opportunities exist for improving the performance of its assets (utilities) by increasing energy efficiency, boosting staff productivity, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing thermal comfort.

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Seismic Upgrades/Retrofit is an important part of our portfolio