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Structural engineers are the architects of tomorrow’s world. They’re involved in the design and construction of all sorts of buildings, bridges, power plants and other structures. In fact, no construction can proceed without an engineer being involved.

This is because they work to address safety, construction longevity and durability. Their responsibility is to ensure that these structures can remain sturdy and safe for many years to come.

When is the Right Time
to Involve a Structural Engineer?

There are many occasions when a property owner or buyer may need the services of a structural engineer:

  • inspecting an older property for damage,
  • providing a structural report of any current safety concerns or damage,
  • performing regular inspections to ensure minimal risk for any potential incidents,
  • building a new commercial or residential structure
  • planning commercial or residential renovations, especially:
    • building additions,
    • modifying doors or windows,
    • loft conversions,
    • removing or altering internal walls,
    • retaining walls,
    • underpinning foundations,
    • fitting solar panels,
    • installation or removal of chimneys,
    • buildings decks.

When you’re making any improvements that involves the stability of a building, you’ll likely need a structural engineer who will provide both structural drawings and calculations. These are necessary documents which the building contractor and architect can then use.

Building codes and regulations may change from time to time therefore it is important to get a current set of documents.

When you are unsure if you need a structural engineer, assume you do especially for any project that requires modifications to the structure of your building. This can include major electrical or plumbing changes, or even a new construction.

One of SMC Design Studio’s licensed engineers can help you determine whether engineering services are needed for your project.

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